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Do you want to be an actor but are you aware of acting field ?

At present time most boys and girls want to be seen on the big screen, in web series, and other short films, and to fulfill their dreams they do anything So that they get a name and fame soon but in this blog, I would like to suggest you should aware of these things about acting field if you are looking yourself as an actor.



Today many people think if they look good and can speak properly then anybody can select them for any role in a film after that they go to Mumbai but I think that’s the main mistake they make, they don’t think anything and to get a name and fame they go to Mumbai then they face many problems, many bad moments, many insults and then they come back to home.

Now I would like to have Now I will put important points, after knowing those points you will have to ask yourself whether I am ready to become an actor now?

These crucial points are;


  •  Are you attracted to Instagram reels and videos?
  • Have you ever tried yourself in theater classes?
  • How many books and plays have you read?
  • Who told you only that when you go to Mumbai you will become an actor?
  • Are you or your family ready for this dream of yours in which there is no deciding time?

Are you attracted to Instagram reels and videos?

If you want to be an actor then you should ask yourself Are you attracted to Instagram reels and videos or not? most people act in reels and think they are actors and they can act in movies also but this is totally wrong because Acting is the art of representing characters, emotions, and tales via performance. so remember you can see Instagram reels and make those reels but not think you can be an actor using these reels

Acting in instagram reel

Have you ever tried yourself in theater or acting classes?

If you are considering yourself in the acting field You must have heard that actors should do theatre, there they will get to play and will also be able to play new characters because Theatre is a great place to practice important acting abilities including voice modulation, body language, and emotional depth. It provides a unique chance for character discovery, allowing actors to delve deeply into their characters while increasing their variety and range.

Acting in acting theatre


How many books and plays have you read?

We often listen to read books and stories and we also read in school and college but when we want to be an actor we don’t think about books because we think if we can dance, we can act we can speak dialogue then we can become an actor. Actors should read books to improve their awareness of many characters, tales, and perspectives, which will help them develop their acting abilities, emotional depth, and empathy also Actors usually have to read the play to comprehend their character, the plot, and their interactions with other characters.

read books in acting

Who told you only that when you go to Mumbai you will become an actor?

At present time many youngsters go to Mumbai and think they will get work easily, they will meet many directors, casting companies, and actors, but here they need to think a little if it would be so easy to go to Mumbai and get work and become an actor because New performers should take caution before traveling to Mumbai to seek work owing to fierce competition, potential exploitation, and the chance of encountering financial and emotional difficulties without proper support or possibilities so don’t just decide to go to Mumbai on someone’s advice, first, ask yourself whether going to Mumbai is right for me or not, then take a decision.

Acting dreams in mubai


Are you or your family ready for this dream of yours in which there is no deciding time in the acting field?

Now this is a very important point to decide whether acting is the field for us or not because it is a field that tests not only your talent but also your patience you will see how many people have dreamed of becoming the main field and how many achievements they have achieved. Rich and poor, everyone dreams of coming their way On top of that, every day the son or daughter of some actor or director enters films, so please try to understand The actuality of time spent in the acting industry varies widely based on a number of things, including an individual’s talent, training, contacts, luck, and industry demand. Some actors may find success immediately, obtaining major roles early in their careers, but others may struggle for years before receiving notice. Actors often spend years developing their skill through training, auditioning for various roles, and establishing their portfolios with lesser ventures before moving on to greater chances. Finally, there is no predetermined timetable for success in acting, and endurance and effort are frequently required to achieve it.



We hope that you have understood many important things about acting from this blog and have also got answers to many questions regarding your acting career, Acting fields are for everyone, it just has some conditions, by fulfilling which you can achieve your position.


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